Friday, April 28, 2017

Like VirtaCoinPlus on Revex

New Way!
How to get more XVP in your online VirtaCoinPluss wallet.  VirtaCoinPlus is a community effort. Only if we all work together will we succeed in raising the value of XVP. Every single member is important - YOU are important! If you cannot afford to spend real money on getting more VirtaCoinPlus then you will be pleased to know there are many ways to earn XVP by performing some simple tasks. By doing a task you are not only getting some XVP in your wallet you're also helping the the XVP community to get stronger by the day! This time we're going to work on more publicity for our coin.

Please go to and click on the the green 'like' (thumbs up) button just below the 'VirtacoinPlus' text. Next, scroll down and click the 'like' button on all the comments. That's it! Of course, you can your own XVP review too. After you have cicked all the 'likes' on , send an email to and put - 'TASK 2'   in the subject and - the NAME of one of the commenters on
and - your USERNAME in the body of the email. if all is OK 
You will receive 2.5 XVP directly to your online wallet! More tasks will become available in the next weeks. If you do them ALL you could become a VirtaCoinPlus Millionaire!

Please follow the steps above EXACTLY to receive your 2.5 XVP reward!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Free VirtaCoin Plus

Update August 2, 2017
1. Domain VirtaCrypto has expired
2. Daily login reward was removed/deleted
3. Paid Promotion Link was removed/deleted.
4. Referral program was removed
5. faucet, you will earn 10mXVP every 60 minutes, Min Payout 2 XVP
    you need 200 times claims to reach payout.

Now there is only one way to get VirtacoinPlus is to buy, and you can't do much if you
only have VirtacoinPlus less than 500 XVP.

VirtaCoinPlus is a hybrid PoW/PoS cryptocurrency. This is a new era of Digital Currency for People. It is all about a collective effort to increase the value of our Coin. VirtaCoinPlus is the newer version of the well known VirtaCoin which was launched back in July 1, 2014. However, due to lack of developer support and constant technical problems affecting the coin including the most recent broken blockchain issue, the VirtaCoin community which tried to fix the broken chain but without success, decided to create a more promising version of the older coin.


Virtacoin plus Faucet
Faucet is the easiest way to get Virtacoin plus, just sign up and solve captcha, you will earn 10 mXVP to 1000 mXVP every 60 minutes 100% Referral Commission.

After Promotion link, Daily login reward and Virtacrypto was removed, Will the XVP price go down, because there are many small Virtacoinplus holder release/sell their Virtacoinplus, so supply will increase and demand will decrease.

Price on May 11, 2016

Current Price

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that be a great value  for other users.
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

VirtaCoin Plus Faucet

What's VirtaCoin Plus?
VirtaCoin Plus (XVP) is a new, modern cryptocurrency replacing the former Virtacoin. VirtacoinPlus is a hybrid PoW/PoS cryptocurrency based on the X-11 algorithm and is supported by a high energy, world-wide community.

Let's start getting Virtacoin Plus
First of all, you need a Virtacoin Plus wallet, there are online wallet, desktop wallet and mobile wallet,
but we recommend to use online wallet, you will get 2.XVP for sign up bonus and get daily login reward 1.1 XVP. Click banner below to register Virtacoin Online Wallet

How Does the Faucet Works?
1) Register an account for free.  Register Now
2) Login to your account and solve the Captcha and Earn fee Virtacoins Plus.
3) Send a Withdrawal request.

What is it - Virtacoin Plus (XVP)? VirtaCoin Plus (XVP) is a decentralized crypto-currency, like Bitcoin. Where i can exchange VirtaCoin Plus (XVP)? VirtaCoin Plus (XVP) is trading on the Markets. Where i can get VirtaCoin Plus (XVP) wallet? VirtaCoinPlus (XVP) Desktop Wallets, Online wallet and App wallet for Android can be found by CLICKING HERE. What is a minimum for payment request?
Minimum payment request is 1025 mXVP. 1 XVP = 1000 mXVP
100% earnings from Your referrals.
Learn More all about Virtacoin Plus