Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Virtacoin Plus Mining

"Mining" is the process by which new XVP coins are created. Over time, the difficulty of this process increases and you need special hardware to make mining worthwhile. If you have working VirtaCoinPlus Desktop client, you can use it to mine too. Payouts are dependent on your particular machine but are generally rather low. However it's easy to activate it and see what happens.There's a vid on Youtube that explains how it works  (Watch Youtube Video below)

Although it does not pay much, leaving your client running like this you will contribute to the VirtaCoinPlus network and improve its performance which is to the benefit of us all. Another way to mine VirtaCoinPlus is by using a dedicated piece of equipment ('miner') and a 'mining pool'.
A good VirtacoinPlus pool is : p2pool.e-pool.net . 
If you don't have mining equipment yourself, you can rent miners at miningrigrentals.com

Download Desktop Wallet


Maintaining a mining rig is not for everyone so we have created our own 'mining pool'. You can simply buy a share in this pool and we will deliver a certain amount of mined VirtaCoins straight into your online XVP wallet. You will need an online XVP wallet as is provided by virtacoinwallet.eu 
for VirtaMining to work. VirtaMining currently delivers 10 VirtaCoinPlus for USD$ 1.00
To buy VirtaMining shares send payment to : (Login/signup to your XVP online Online Wallet)

German Mining Pool for Virtacoin Plus [XVP] 
Server Location: Germany ⤵ http://www.bitcoin-pool.de/ ❗❗❗ example for XVP COIN ⤵ ✔✔✔ stratum+tcp:// -u WalletAdress -p x ✔✔✔
Ports:⤵ Gpu / Cpu Port 2999 = Diff 0.005 Var Diff 3019 = Diff 0.1 - 32 3229 = Diff 32 Fees 1.0%

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Harga VirtacoinPlus

Apa itu VirtacoinPlus?
VirtaCoin Plus (XVP) adalah mata uang crypto yang terdesentralisasi, seperti halnya Bitcoin, Litecoinm dsb  VirtaCoin Plus juga merupakan mata uang crypto modern sebagai pengganti pendahulunya Virtacoin VirtacoinPlus adalah cryptocurrency PoW / Po hibrida berdasarkan algoritma X-11 dan didukung oleh energi tinggi, komunitas di seluruh dunia.

Kenaikan Harga Pasar
Semakin populernya Virtacoin Plus, maka harga akan naik terus, Diperkirakan sampai akhir tahun 2017 dapat mencapai $1, Jadi semakin banyak XVP yang dapat kita kumpulkan akan semakin menguntungkan di masa mendatang.

 Setelah berakhirnya promo, akankah Virtacoinplus semakin populer, atau akan diabaikan orang, kalau kita perhatikan harganya di awal Agustus yang terus merosot dan mulai ada kenaikan harga setelah tanggal 5 Agusutus 2017.

Perhatikan  Harga XVP dibawah ini

Harga pada 11 Mei , 2017

Harga Sekarang dalam USD

Harga Sekarang  dalam Rupiah

Harga Beli dan Harga Jual
Kita dapat menjual dan membeli VirtacoinPlus di Online wallet, klik transaksi maka akan muncul
How to buy/sell XVP, harga ini telah dipatok oleh admin tentu akan mengikuti permintaan dan penawaran. Pembelian dan penjualan dilakukan dengan transaksi lewat PayPal dan Bitcoin.

Harga Beli
25 XVP dipatok dengan harga USD$ 5.00 (via PayPal) atau  0.002 BTC
Minimum pembelian 50 XVP.

Harga Jual
50 XVP seharga USD$ 5.00 (PayPal) atau  0.002 BTC
Minimum Penjualan 100 XVP
Untuk lebih jelasnya kunjungi  Buy/Sell XVP
Ayo, Buruan Daftar, Gratis, kamu tidak akan rugi

Grafik Harga VirtacoinPlus Juni-Juli

Butuh Bantuan

Harap Cantumkan Username -mu di Message (pesan)

Friday, May 5, 2017

XVP Exchanger

Most of all cryptocurrencies price are rapid up quickly, A year ago,  if you have $1 in bitcoin or other cryptocurrecy and now of course, the price has doubled.  And all that without lifting a finger! Just wait. And smile. That opportunity is gone. You missed the boat.

Now the time has come to explore the full potential of a digital currency. Now YOUR time has come! March 2017 a new digital currency was launched, VirtaCoinPlus BitCoin was developed by and for techies. VirtaCoinPlus is being developed by regular people like you and me. We call it: "The People's Coin". Like Bitcoin in its early stages, VirtaCoinPlus is still very cheap. Do yourself a favour, click the banner below - and GET IN!

1 XVP (VirtaCoinPlus) is only worth a few cents today, but it could be dollar in a few month times!
So now is the time to start earning free XVP. Ok, if you have enough money you can buy it with PayPal or Bitcoin.
Important link to Earn Free XVP

Day by day XVP is getting more popular, 
cause demand increase and will be followed by price increases

XVP Exchanger or VirtaCoinPlus exchanges are business that allow someone to trade XVP for other assets such as conventional flat money or different digital currencies. They may accept credit card payments, wire transfers, postal money orders, or other forms of payment in exchange for digital currencies, and many can convert digital currency balances into anonymous prepaid cards which can be used to withdraw funds from ATMs worldwide.

List of XVP Exchanger

Web based in Kirkland, US
Started in March 2014
Users more than 25.000

Bleutrade offer trading with the Bleutrade Share (BLEU). With this share you can participate directly in the growth of Bleutrade, receiving dividends on BTC, LTC and DOGE every 12 hours. You are not legally a shareholder but you will receive dividends and your share can rise and fall in price

Deposit/Withdraw: Only cryptocurrencies Country: – Currencies: Wide selection of altcoins Secure: Cold storage, Google auth. Platform: Easy to navigate and fast. Pros: Many altcoins and altcoin-altcoin markets. Cons: Slow support, high fees Our recommendation: Good choice if you are into altcoin-altcoin markets. Bleutrade reserves the right to charge a fee which can range from 0.2% to 0.5% per trade, as well as fixed fees for withdrawals. All website users pay the trading fee. This operation may vary and may be different for each account. Fees are charged in the base coins

Starting with Bleutrade is easy, whether you are new to Bitcoin or you are already familiar with how Bitcoin works. Bleutrade is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange, created to facilitate your transactions. In Bleutrade you transact with cryptocurrencies thousands of people around the world with convenience, privacy and total security.  https://bleutrade.com/exchange/XVP/BTC

Since January 15, 2016
Operated based in Sweden
Potentially Safe The site has a good online reputation.
Fast deposits and withdrawals
Adding new coins not listed anywhere else
Link to source of each wallet, with provided addnodes!

Novaexchange has a very good online popularity, the site is ranked #94,893 among millions of websites according to Alexa rank. An Alexa rank higher than 0 and less than 500,000 means the site has a good amount of traffic.

Getting Started
All you need is an account! Trade within minutes! Create an account ».
[ Already a member? Sign in! ] ...

Crypto Trade Platform, Crypto Loan Provider &Multi Wallet
Web based in London, UK
Launched March 14, 2917

Sign Up Bonus
Webwallet (10 CDO SIGNUP!! Bonus): https://cryptodao.com/site/register
*Get 10 CDO free for Follow us on twitter:https://twitter.com/cryptodao 
*Get 5 CDO free to like our page and follow in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptodao/

Buy/Sell Direct to VirtaCoinPlus
VirtacoinPlus have  "Fixed Prices" and quick service. Easy, Reliable!
but it comes at a premium price (expensive)

BUY XVP: USD$ 5.00 / 150 XVP
payment by Paypal (admin@virtacoinwallet.eu)
 BTC 0.0035 / 100 XVP payment by Bitcoin (15knsjDR1NXD5KDQgkn7Qo3mv7GY8g4iop) Minimum order amount is 150 XVP (Paypal) or 100 XVP (Bitcoin)
How to buy:
Send payment by Paypal or BitCoin. Then put in a SUPPORT ticket with the details of your payment.

USD$ 5.00 / 250 XVP get paid by Paypal
 BTC 0.005 / 250 XVP get paid by Bitcoin
 Minimum sell order amount is 250 XVP (Paypal) or 250 XVP (Bitcoin)

How to sell:
Go to your account at VirtaCoinWallet.eu put
YOUR Paypal or Bitcoin address in the DESCRIPTION field
Put the amount of XVP you wish to sell in the AMOUNT field
Put SELLXVP in the ADDRESS field
Click on Send VirtaCoinPlus Please allow up to 24 hours for your order to complete.
Please note: all rates are subject to change without notice.

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