Wednesday, June 28, 2017

VirtacoinPlus Price

VirtacoinPlus Price  Could Rice to about $2.00
Virtacoinplus hits $ 0.1178 for the first time and some people says it could rally to $ 2.00 in a few months.  The value of Virtacoinplus for today is ₩129.19334350. It has a current circulating supply of 8.93 Million coins and a total volume exchanged of ₩4,753,130.5

VirtacoinPlus is a hybrid PoW/Pos cryptocurrency
Short: XVP
Total coin: 100 Million coin cap.
Algorithm: X11 hashing
Block time: 1 minute
Diff. retarget: 15 blocks
POW reward: 2.7 XVP per Block
Stake Interest: 7%
Min Stake Age: 24 hours
Max Stake Age: One Year

According coinmarketcap, VirtacoinPlus has ben on an upward move since April and was capital market $1.17 M. Are you going to see the VirtacoinPlus price over $2 USD very soon? Well it showed in the past, that VirtacoinPlus has a continuously growth, although with some ups and downs. But cryptocurrency is the next money for the future, Most likely VirtacoinPlus.

Purchase and Selling Price
You can buy/sell XVP to  one of the exchanges like bleutrade or novaexchange. This will give you the best value for money but it can take time to get the price you want. You can also deal directly in your VirtacoinPlus online wallet, Click Transaction and click How to buy/sell XVP with fixed price and  quick service but it comes at a premium.
Buy 25 XVP for $5 via PayPal or Bitcoin. Minimum order amount is 50 XVP.
Sell 50 XVP for $5 via PayPal or Bitcoin.  Minimum sell order amount is 100 XVP
For more detail open/signup

Rise in Market Price

XVP Price on May 11, 2017

XVP Price on June 28, 2017

Compare VirtacoinPlus price on May11 and June 28, there are soaring price rice  998.31% because more and more lovers and demands that increase everyday.

XVP Price on July 2, 2017

XVP Price on August 3, 2017

Current Price

VirtaCoinplus (XVP) has the people to help it be one of the most successful coin on the market. This is the time to take advantage of the price and buy some XVP from the Exchanges before it's too late.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

How to Solve VirtaCrypto

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What's VirtaCrypto?
Virtacrypto is a game from Virtacoinplus where if you be able to crack the code you will get reward of 0.5 VirtaCoinPlus!. The game is challenging and fun

How to Play the Game?
From your Virtacoinplus online wallet on the left side click VirtaCrypto, and you will see like an  image above. And do the following
1. Enter your Virtacoin plus online wallet Username. Still don't have a wallet, sign up below, and you will earn  Signup bonus 2.5 XVP through this link
2. Click 'check
3. then Click 'Get 'secret message'
See image below

4. Submit your answer
5. Click Check my solution

Alphabetical Key
Now VirtaCrypto will present a 'secret message'. Your job is to try and find out what it is. HINT: The message It is a type of substitution cipher in which each letter in the plaintext is replaced by a letter some fixed number of positions down the alphabet. For example, with a right shift of 3, 'A' would be replaced by 'D', 'E' would become 'H', and so on.  Through the link below we will show you the complete alphabetical key (676 Keys) Getting more easier you to Crack the Secret Message. Visit

mplfej td ty esp pjp zq esp mpszwopc

The Short Word  td ty esp pjp zq esp (Short words consist of one, two, three letters only)
t and z maybe vowels, you may see  the Alphabetical Key on the first line, see the letter t and z
then look/scroll down, on the 16th line, you will find t for i and z for o.
Let's try to crack the secret message, and we replace the letters with the 16th line.
t for i, d for s, z for o, q for f etc (replace the other letters in the same way. If it is finished, it will be found a sentence  beauty is in the eye of the beholder

For everyday use, better you bookmark this page   ctr+d

Below are some sentences that are commonly used by VirtaCrypto

S yggv daklwfwj ak mkmsddq lzafcafy stgml kgewlzafy wdkw
a good listener is usually thinking about something else

mplfej td ty esp pjp zq esp mpszwopc
beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Yvsr vf jung unccraf gb lbh juvyr lbh ner ohfl znxvat bgure cynaf
life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans

Axut xh p htmjpaan igpchbxiits sxhtpht
life is a sexually transmitted disease

Byvu yi mxqj xqffudi je oek mxybu oek qhu rkio cqaydw ejxuh fbqdi 
life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans

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