Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hits Traffic

Getting Web Traffic Using ViracoinPlus

You need visitors/traffics for your website or blog, or your site still doesn't appear on search engine  Now we can help you to solve this problem. Don't waste your money to buy an expensive advertisements, credits or traffics. We offer you 2000 visitors for only 25 XVP  Save 10 XVP if you buy 4000 visitors for only 40 XVP.  Payment send to:

Username   JTan39
Wallet address   VXPGcViGX61G6i9T5C3BmbDvuvuhppNeJd

Make sure not mistakenly write, copy/paste the wallet address

How to buy HitsTraffic
1. Send  VirtacoinPlus to the wallet address above
2. Fill in the form below
3. Make sure you put hit counter widget/total page views on your site/blog
    (Get it for free   https://www.freecounterstat.com)
4. Make sure your site/blog not violate our site restriction (see below)
5. Your site/blog will be processed after your payment fully received.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any website restrictions?
A. Yes, website restriction are
      Adult content, Weapon, Automatically playing videos or music,  Popup windows
      or prompts on load or exit Malware, software installers or malicious scripts
      or any content which promote illegal activity. not be suitable for a general audience.

Q: Where does the traffic come from that you are sending to my site?
A: All traffic is generated from Ad network, traffic exchange sites and  reputable
      PTC sites.

Q. Do you send me real visitors or are these fake visitors?
A: We trust their reputable sites will never using a bots

Q. How long does it take to get started?
A. Usually will begin within 1-2 business days of receiving your order, which allows us
      time to review and ensure your website/blog does not violate any of the restrictions
      mentioned above. Often orders begin within just a few hours.

Q: Are affiliate links allowed?
A. Yes, but there is no proof that traffic amount you have purchased has been achieved.

Q. Why you need previous hits traffic?
A. Well, it just a guide for your website's traffic

Q: My web traffic counter doesn't match with yours?
 A: The counters should be the same. However, in a few cases, the site can be
      prevented by: poor connections Site downtime Cache errors PC malfunctioning
      But we guarantee the difference will not be much
Q: Is there a difference between a visit and a hit?
A: This is perhaps the most confusing term when it comes to the traffic industry.
     Still not many people aren't able to distinguish between the two. Hits occurs
     when a file is loaded while a visit is when a visitor or a person visits your page.

Q. May I change/remove  hits counter widget?
A.  No. your  site will be deleted and no refund

Q. After I've sent payment and submitted form but my website has broken your
     rules/website restriction, will you send me back my money?.
A. Yes, of course, but you will get a fine and refund fee of 20%, or you can
      change it  with other website

Q. Can I make an order for Geo targeted traffic?
A. No we can't  (perhaps later)

Q: When do I get all my purchased traffic?
 A: After the traffic is purchased and the campaign starts, traffic will start
      flowing in immediately.

Q. Do you provide targeted traffic?
A. No, Currently we provide only worldwide visitors

Q. Do you accept other payment method?
A. Yes, we do, You can make paymenet via PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, PM,and other
     cryptocurrencies,  Contact me first before using this payment

Q. How can I get direct contact with you?
A. Just visit and write mail    http://kontactr.com/user/JTan39

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

VirtacoinPlus Staking

VirtacoinPlus Staking

What is staking?
Staking is the process of proving ownership of your coins, and gaining interest on your wallet balance. Staking is very straightforward and can be done by anyone with a wallet.  Based upon the number of coins being staked (occurs when the wallet is open and unlocked), the interest rate varies. The more coins staked, the higher the interest rate. This provides incentive for keeping the client open and unlocked, further securing the network. The additional security ensures that the blockchain is not compromised and forked. In addition, it provides incentive for owners of the coin to use it as a savings vehicle as it earns interest at a more reasonable rate and more representative of a real economy.

VirtacoinPlus Staking 
VirtacoinPlus has started staking since April 24, 2017, At the beginning of staking, VirtacoinPlus only will stake on desktop wallet, with some balance connected to the internet. The balance is your 'stake' and you get rewarded for staying connected, thereby supporting the XVP network. Staking with a desktop wallet will get you a 7% interrest on your deposits for 1 year. However, that 7% is based on having your desktop wallet open 24/7 for a whole year.

How does staking work with your online wallet? 
Currently VirtacoinPlus system allow your online XVP wallet to earn from staking as well!
The new system collects the daily staking rewards of all server wallets. This amount is then distributed over all online wallets proportional to the size of their balance relative to the total of all balances. For example, if the total collected staking rewards on a certain day is 100 XVP and your balance on that day represents 1% of the total of all balances on virtacoinwallet.eu you will earn a 1 XVP stake reward for that day.

Stake rewards' field will be added to your online wallet. Every day it will be increased with your staking earnings for the day. When the total reaches 5 XVP the total will be added to your wallet. Although the XVP specification mentions a 7% staking reward for 1 year (if online 24/7) my experience so far shows variable results. So, we'll have to wait and see how it turns out. However, the online staking reward will NOT be limited to 1 year. As long as you have balance in tour online wallet you will earn some staking reward, however small it may be. The new system will go live tomorrow, so don't forget to login and check it out!
or Register VirtacoinPlus Online Wallet

VirtacoinPlus Staking on PoSWallet
Online Staking Wallet STAKE YOUR CLAIM
Free, secure cryptocurrency staking wallet for users to earn proof-of-stake altcoins. Supports over 70 altcoins with a wallet, block explorer, and faucet. PoSWallet is a project that was born from the tremendous need of the Crypto Community to have a single place in which they would be able to keep their holdings safe, stake their PoS (Proof of Stake) Coins and have a complete crypto currency exchange just in one single account! For more detail visit

Basically, the strategy involves taking the money you would have spent on mining hardware and purchasing high-stake coins from a coin exchange, sending them to your personal wallet, and from there watching the balance grow. Yes, it's just that simple. In this scenario, proof-of-stake minting replaces the usual proof-of-work mining for block generation, otherwise known as securing the network and processing transactions. The more coins you hold in your wallet, the more chances you have of solving blocks and reaping stake rewards. There is no need for specialized hardware or software beyond your own personal computer and the specific coin wallet – a typical PC or laptop can easily run several staking wallets simultaneously – and the wallet does all the work of minting for you automatically. It's like having a high-interest bank account on your home computer.